Network as a Service (NaaS)

Lower costs, simplified management, and enterprise-grade performance across your network.

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More Devices, More Demands

Workers today expect to connect anytime and from anywhere. Irrespective of size or industry, work is becoming increasingly more mobile, and what goes hand in hand with mobility? Devices!

The more devices, the more demand placed on a network, but the expectation is still to deliver secure, high-speed connections at a low cost. With an IT department already strained, how you prepare your network for this inevitable impact will be key to maintaining your competitive edge.

Download this overview and learn that such a solution does exist.

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How NaaS Works

Today's organisations need the ability to cost effectively deliver secure, high-speed network access for the mobile and cloud applications their users rely on. But legacy network infrastructure is needlessly blocking progress, and choking efforts to improve customer experiences.

Softsource NaaS removes the headaches of network management while leveraging enterprisegrade performance and advanced security - all for a lower price.

Softsource now delivers Aruba's industry-leading SD-WAN through the cloud, so your mobile and cloud applications can always have secure, high-speed network access. Best of all, you can free your IT teams from the burden of network administration for a simple monthly fee.

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NaaS in a Nutshell

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Softsource NaaS

Designed and supported right here in New Zealand by our networking experts, our NaaS offers:

  • Insight into user behaviour
  • SLAs for peace of mind
  • Clearer visibility, any time you need it.
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Offload your network to the specialists

Tailored to meet your specific business requirements, our NaaS solution is monitored and maintained by our team of experts. Providing you with the always-on availability you need to focus on business initiatives that innovate and grow your organisation.

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Network Transformation Services

Softsource has a wealth of expertise in rapidly transforming Wide Area/Local Area enterprise networks through industry-leading tools and methodologies, standardised templates, and advanced technologies.

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3 reasons why NaaS should be your next big IT move

Offer every user within your network the seamless and secure experiences they expect, without having to mortgage your organisation's agility to do it.

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What's the difference?

A quick guide to WAN and SD-WAN, and some advice on which is best for you organisation.

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XaaS eBook

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A Case study:
Youth Horizons

Explore how Youth Horizons were able to deliver more responsive and reliable network services to their mobile and remote workforce, while also freeing their in-house IT team from the burden of network management.

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A Case study:

Learn how NorthTec was able to deliver network devices alongside substantial cost benefits through Softsource's industry-leading solution with Aruba's SD-WAN.

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Ask an expert: Is Network as a Service right for my organisation ?

Every organisation is attempting to keep their employees and customers connected on more devices, and in more locations. Guaranteeing that connectivity isn't always easy or cost-effective.

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