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Working remotely?
How secure is your computer at home?
Is your data secure?

Working from outside the office is now a reality for many NZ businesses and their staff. But as cyber criminals look to cash in on the COVID-19 situation, it presents many challenges and risks.

Is your business safe?

What are the necessary steps you must take to ensure your business is protected in such vulnerable circumstances?

There's a lot to be considered.
Softsource is here to help.

As part of our Desktop as a Service (DaaS) offering for HP and Intel®, our highly qualified team of IT service providers can ensure your workers' desktops are safely secured, regularly patched and possess the latest anti-virus software to thwart the growing number of threats.

Work From Home Protection

Managed Service Base — $20 + GST per device

The Base IT Services provide automated AI management that completes daily tasks performed on all machines to maintain a secure and productive tool for the modern worker. The Base Managed Service performs asset management, performance monitoring/trending, security checks and patching management. The AI analyses the data collected, looking for potential issues that could impede performance or availability of the device while continually scanning for security concerns.

Performed under the Base IT Managed Service:

  • Continuous monitoring of
    • Security logs
    • Performance CPU, Memory, Storage
    • Disk space free
    • Hardware failures
    • Application faults
    • Wi-Fi bandwidth usage

  • Monthly Microsoft patching deployed seamlessly
  • Remote Access for IT Administrators
  • Asset management and Reporting
  • Helpdesk support
  • Weekly health checks

When an issue is found the Softsource team review the alert and contact you with an outline of the issue.

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Managed Antivirus Service
$5 + gst per device per month

Endpoint protection has become a mandatory component for the security posture of a device. Softsource use Trend Micro's protection suite hosted in the cloud to protect any device on or off the network. Utilising a blend of cross-generational threat mitigation techniques, Softsource's Managed Protection Suite delivers the broadest protection against today's advanced threats.

  • Protection against Viruses, Hackers, Spyware, Dangerous websites, phishing and data theft
  • Platforms supported include Windows, MacOS, Android
  • Real time monitoring Softsource's skilled team
  • Evergreen software/technologies

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Managed Web Content Filtering Service
$5 + gst per user per month

Softsource's Web Protection Services provide a layer of security for the end device while on the internet. Softsource uses Trend Micro's Web Security hosted in the cloud to protect any device on or off the network. Meaning the device and user are protected even when they're accessing the internet outside of the corporate network. Trend Micro Web Security protects against cyber threats before they reach the user. It leverages cross generational defence techniques to catch known and unknown threats, giving you visibility and access control on unsanctioned cloud applications for each of your users.

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DaaS Key Benfits

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24/7 Helpdesk support

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Regular Security Patches

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Daily Anti-virus Updates

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One Simple, Cost-effective and Predictable Monthly Fee

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Flexible Access to Your Files From Anywhere, at Anytime

In your endeavour to ensure business as usual, please talk to us today and together we can ensure your business remains secure and has the right tools for this new environment.

Additional IT managed services such as Managed Workstation Backup and Managed Office 365 Backup are also available.

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Why the concern around security?

Many businesses are having to adjust how they manage security, backup and business continuity. And when it comes to staff devices, there are some areas of concern across both personal and those that are company-owned.


Is the local internet secure without the corporate firewall?

With computers being leveraged from home, there is no longer the added safety-blanket of the corporate firewall.


Do they have up to date antivirus software?

Some personal computers don't have the same level of endpoint protection that a company-owned device does — keeping them up to date can be a challenge.


How is the data being backed up?

Workers tend to save work-in-progress files to their local devices when working from home, so how is the data being protected.


Are the personal devices being patched?

With personal devices not part of the corporate network, IT administrators don't have the ability to enable a new policy, and if they don't have the tools to remotely connect to each individual device, it becomes even more challenging.


Do administrators have visibility across personal devices?

Without tools such as Microsoft Intune or Microsoft SCCM, there's no possibility of gaining visibility across what is installed and running on personal devices, which could lead to inappropriate activities that don't always comply with corporate policy.


Are the assets secure from being lost or stolen?

Thinking ahead, protecting company-owned devices requires Bitlocker being enabled on Windows 10 devices with the added capability to remote wipe in the event of a lost or stolen device.

What Are theThreats?

CERT NZ has outlined a global increase in reports of cyber criminals using the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to carry out malicious cyber activity and trick people into downloading malware or to enter details into a phishing website.

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Text Message Scams

Reports in Australia have identified a text message that claims to have a link directing people to COVID-19 testing facilities. The link is not legitimate and instead may install malware or steal personal information like bank details.

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Phishing Emails

Individuals in the UK have been targeted by coronavirus-themed phishing emails, with infected attachments containing fictitious 'safety measures'. The email is not legitimate and instead installs malware on the device that is designed to steal personal information.

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Fake COVID-19 Maps

Security researchers have identified a new campaign where the attackers claim to have a 'coronavirus map' application that people can download onto their devices. Instead, the application is malware, designed to steal sensitive information from the device it is downloaded onto, such as passwords.