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Joining the XaaS revolution: switching to as-a-Service technology

What does it mean to own anything, when we now have the ability to use nearly anything through a subscription or pay per use model? This simple question is the driver behind the rapid growth of everything-as-a-Service or XaaS consumption models in enterprise IT. This shift has been occurring for at least 25 years, since the advent of the modern internet, with many pointing to Salesforce offering a subscription-based CRM in 1999 as the beginning of today’s movement.

The 3 New IT Security Challenges Facing NZ Businesses: Are You Prepared?


As an IT partner, our job is to help our customers to navigate this new digital world without taking their eyes off their core business. Taking away the major administrative burden of managing devices and ensuring all employees can safely work from anywhere was a challenge that was repeated in every customer conversation, so if juggling device management is frustrating or time consuming, you’re not alone.

WAN vs SD-WAN: What’s the difference?


You would have likely seen these terms before but you may still be unsure what they mean. Here’s a quick guide to both and which is ideal for your organisation.

6 Questions with Softsource’s VCIO/Principal Consultant, Barry White, on The Changing IT Landscape


With the IT landscape arguably more exciting and organic than ever before, we sat down with Barry to delve a little deeper, and explore the key areas occupying his focus during these exciting times.

5 Minutes with our Cyber Security Expert


The most prolific risks in the market right now are password attacks and phishing attacks. Many people are still using insecure passwords and not choosing to use multi-factor authentication. In a recent security assessment, we managed to hack 30% of passwords in less than an hour because of poor password practices.

Your Backup is Only as Good as your Recovery


Not every backup and recovery option is created equally. We regularly see organisations assume that because their backup solution appears to operate effectively, by default, so should their recovery options – this isn’t the case.

Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes in your Backup and Recovery


Can your organisation adequately recover data in the event of a disruption? We deal with organisations who have learned the hard way that they couldn’t. Here are the 5 biggest mistakes we commonly see, and how to avoid them.

Ask an expert: Is Network as a Service right for my organisation ?


Every organisation is attempting to keep their employees and customers connected on more devices, and in more locations. Guaranteeing that connectivity isn’t always easy or cost-effective. At the same time, we’re seeing the rise of software defined wide area networks (SD-WAN) and the new model of Network as a Service (NaaS) which are both promising to solve many common networking issues for growing organisations.

Millennial Effect


They're the generation other generations love to critique - wanting things before they've earnt them, confident in their opinions regardless of their experience, and driven to succeed in their chosen fields. Criticism of Millennials however, is often misconstrued, a reflection of societies love for keeping the younger generations in check, rather than legitimate flaws. But regardless of how you may perceive them, Millennials will dominate the New Zealand workforce by 2020 (1), bringing their drive and tech-savvy awareness with them. So, what does it all mean?

3 reasons why Network as a Service (NaaS) should be your next big IT move


Cloud-based Network as a Service (NaaS) is becoming a popular alternative for those organisations who want enterprise grade connectivity without all of the associated headaches. Here’s three reasons why we’re seeing many organisations like yours beginning to make the switch.

4 Benefits of purchasing through Softsource's Online Store


The majority of us have probably experienced it at some point or another, a business-critical device, whether it be a laptop, printer or server goes down and to minimise operational downtime your boss or IT department must make an urgent, immediate purchase. Depending on when the outage or malfunction occurred, calling your regular supplier may not be an option, but alas, thanks to the convenient realm of e-commerce, downtime to business operations can be kept to a minimum. Having recently re-launched our own online store, we thought it pertinent to highlight the 4 key benefits to online purchasing.

Transforming Workplaces: Are you moving with the times?


We can all think of a big-name business that no longer exists. Many of those organisations were overtaken by a wave of digital competition that they were ill-prepared for. Amidst the debris of fallen giants, though, there are some success stories, organisations that timed their transition well and kept up with changing times.

Getting Productive: How the Right Tools Create a Team of Star Performers


Have you ever tried to put together an item of flat pack furniture, but you’re missing one of the tools you need? That is much the same way that staff feel when their laptop, tablet or smartphone isn’t right for the job – but, happily, giving them the right tools can raise motivation and morale.

What is Device Management Costing Your Business?


From desktops and laptops to tablets and smartphones, businesses are investing more than ever on the devices their employees need to perform their work, but what is the overall cost and how do your device management choices affect the business?

The Productivity Problem Causing IT Stress – and How to Solve It


Equipping each worker with the right tools for the job is vastly important to their productivity, but making this happen is a challenge to most IT departments.

Are You Building New Applications and Services on an Old Network?


From dairy farms to medical researchers and corner shops to the biggest corporations, a technology revolution is sweeping the modern workplace. Ready or not, the changes to come will determine whether your organisation faces the future as a leader or with fading fortunes.

When You’re Focusing on Your Business, is your Network a Distraction You Can’t Afford?


Surviving flat markets and making the most of the good times is all part of the journey. But going into the current, volatile business environment without the right technology is like taking a wrong turn onto a Formula One track.

The Three Ways Your Network is Choking Progress


With the focus on exciting applications and an internet of things (IoT) to explore, it can be easy to overlook your most vital supporting tool. Your network dictates your ability to capitalise on modern technologies… and all networks are not created equally.

How increased mobility will help grow your business in 2018


Workplace mobility leads to 30 per cent better processes, 23 per cent more productivity—and 100 per cent more satisfied employees. Here’s how to use mobile technology to grow your business in 2018.

Streamline the manageability of your business with this key strategy


Don’t be left behind - the future of business is here and you have the power to streamline the manageability of your organisation by implementing this key strategy.

Don’t put your business at risk - are you sure your IT infrastructure is secure?


Business security is no longer just about having an alarm installed - you must protect your organisation online, as this is where the real threats now lie. Are you prepared to be a victim of cyber crime?

Significantly Reduce Overhead Costs in your Business in 2018


Stop blowing the budget by using this one simple solution.

Increasing Your Business Productivity


Maximise effective collaboration, and in turn productivity, by offering staff the right tools that provide ease of communication and an integration of various working platforms.