3 reasons why Network as a Service (NaaS) should be your next big IT move

Softsource Network as a Service


Building and maintaining a corporate network for your organisation has always been an expensive and time-consuming task. To provide the connectivity our employees and customers expect, we often have to invest large amounts on network infrastructure and equipment to ensure we have enough capacity for the years ahead. But with technological change happening so rapidly, how can we ever be sure our network investments will be enough?

This is why many organisations are looking to the cloud to solve their network provisioning problems. If they can’t predict what they’ll need in the future, they need a more flexible and scalable option at their disposal.

Cloud-based Network as a Service (NaaS) is becoming a popular alternative for those organisations who want enterprise grade connectivity without all of the associated headaches. Here’s three reasons why we’re seeing many organisations like yours beginning to make the switch:

Cost savings

According to IDC, one in four organisations can expect cost savings of up to 20-39% by deploying a Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN), and the majority of businesses can expect savings at least in the 5-19% range.

As we’ve explained, capital investments in network infrastructure can be astronomical if we have to provision for what we may or may not need in the future. By switching network costs from CAPEX to OPEX-based funding, we can free up capital for investing in the technology that will actually provide immediate value.

For a simple monthly fee, NaaS provides all of the service and connectivity you need, and you can adjust your network capacity from month to month. This level of control offers your organisation the financial agility you need to explore new opportunities as they arise.

Flexible performance

Many of the organisations we’re seeing switch to NaaS are often running multiple sites with hundreds/thousands of users and devices. As new users enter the network and attempt to use a wide range of cloud-based applications and processes, you need to ensure you can offer the type of seamless connectivity and experiences they expect – all while keeping them and the business assets secure.

NaaS allows any organisation to scale up their network as your business grows. We know customers have business projects the require additional resources, so scale to your demands with the option to downsize at the completion of the projects. Pay for what you need, when you need.

Reduced complexity

Ask any IT professional, and they’ll tell you that network administration can sometimes be the bane of their existence. Rather than spending their time on the innovative activities that business leaders expect, they’re mired in needless network firefighting. Deloitte’s 2018 CIO Survey has revealed 55% of technology leaders are still predominantly focused on the tasks that drive efficiency and reliability, when the new demands of a digital era require them to be transformational change leaders.

NaaS empowers your teams to focus on the value-driving initiatives that will actually help you to create a competitive advantage. Your business is very unlikely to have a core competency of troubleshooting network problems, so why are you wasting staffing resources on simply “keeping the lights on” within your network?

Ultimately, NaaS allows your organisation to have your cake and eat it too. It enables you to leverage the advanced connectivity, performance, and security required to operate in today’s dynamic environments. You can offer every user within your network the seamless and secure experiences they expect, without having to mortgage your organisation’s agility to do it.

Softsource now delivers Aruba’s industry-leading WLAN, LAN and SD-WAN through the cloud for a simple monthly fee. To find out if NaaS is the right fit for you, simply book a consultation with a Softsource Network Specialist to discuss your current capabilities and strategic direction. Our team of network experts will then make recommendations, and architect the best solution to meet your specific requirements and budget.