Are You Building New Applications and Services on an Old Network?

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From dairy farms to medical researchers and corner shops to the biggest corporations, a technology revolution is sweeping the modern workplace. Ready or not, the changes to come will determine whether your organisation faces the future as a leader or with fading fortunes. Those using technology to be more efficient, more innovative and to provide more intuitive service will win in unpredictable markets.

The applications and services you build now will need to carry you forward. In order for this to work, you need to be sure that supporting elements, such as your network, are not holding you back. Unfortunately, solving network challenges can be frustratingly complex. And the distraction may be the last thing you need.

There are plenty of reasons that solving network issues can be tricky. We see a lot of businesses that have been struggling with network equipment that is just not suited to the demands of a modern, usually mobile, workforce. It may be designed for more modest, home-office environments, or it may be too low-end to consistently keep everyone online. Worse, it may not offer much defence against ever-more-sophisticated cyber-criminals. If your network doesn’t include high-end security – we’re talking pro-active, analytics-driven insights – you may want to look at alternatives as a priority.

People, too, are a problem – or rather, lack of them. Qualified and experienced networking professionals are at a premium. Approximately 14,000 IT job vacancies were created in 2016 in New Zealand, with new graduates and IT-skilled migrants numbering less than 11,0001. Attracting the right person doesn’t come cheaply, and may not be the right path.

Equally likely, members of the IT team are pulled away temporarily from business growth activities to fix network issues. That may end up costing even more. Driving efficiencies and getting new services to market shouldn’t wait. The competitive world moves too fast for delays.

Modern technology has some of the answers. Leader of the new-era networks pack, Aruba, builds in automation to eliminate many of those annoying day-to-day tasks involved in maintaining a network. They also have 360 degrees of analytics attack detection and wi-fi performance that keeps everyone online, using all their preferred applications without interruption. Even so, modern technology still needs to be installed and managed by skilled professionals, and it is questionable whether a focus on networking is using valued IT resources wisely.

It was with this landscape in mind that we created another option. Our Network as a Service (NaaS) offers top-tier Aruba technology, installed and maintained by experienced engineers, so that your own IT team can focus on what is most important to your organisation. For those shifting to an opex-led business model, the choice of paying a predictable monthly cost is also proving to be a drawcard.

Change is coming to New Zealand businesses and making it a positive depends very much on choices made now about underlying technology. Putting in place solutions with maximum performance and reliability and minimum distraction from core business allows focus on an exciting future.

Time to secure the right network foundation for your business, distraction-free? Contact the team at Softsource for a free initial assessment of what NaaS could do for your business.

1 The New Zealand Digital Skills Forum