How increased mobility will help grow your business in 2018


A recent study by Microsoft* in New Zealand showed most employees feel restricted by the way they have to work, with 54 per cent highlighting the fact that they have to be physically present in their workplace to access the right tools and equipment to carry out their role.

To some, there may not be anything too remarkable about this. If you have a job - isn’t it expected that you turn up to an office or particular location every day? But here’s the thing, our workplaces have changed, and so have employee expectations of how and where they do their job.  The mobile workforce is here, and businesses need to be able to meet the needs of such a movement if they want to futureproof their success.  

So why is increasing mobility vital to growing your business in 2018?

Understand the needs of your frontline workers

The biggest mistake leaders can make is implementing technology without understanding how it will affect those in the ‘front line’ - those who provide the service, or make the product. What is the point of investing in digital transformation in an organisation if it doesn’t make sense, or even reach those who need it most critically?

So this is where any change in systems, processes, software or hardware needs to begin.

For example, according to the same study mentioned above, 67 per cent of employees work in multiple teams at any one point - this means real-time insights and collaboration tools are imperative for getting their work done. If their requirements aren’t correctly understood by those implementing the changes in technology, this could severely impact on desired outcomes.

Embrace technology and its potential

By 2022 it is predicted that 42.5 per cent of the global workforce will be mobile, as reported by last years’ Strategy Analytics forecast*.  

 But, despite its prevalence in today’s modern workplace, many organisations still shy away from advancing their technology offerings to employees. They see it as a necessary cost, rather than an enabler of greater productivity and functionality. And of course, this view will only impede the potential benefit that can come from embracing mobility.   

 According to Forbes*, employee mobility leads to 30 per cent better processes, 23 per cent more productivity—and 100 per cent more satisfied employees, so why would it not be something to take advantage of?    

 Get the right mobile technology for your business

There’s no shortage of devices and app technology available to organisations, but what it comes down to is choosing a complete package that won’t create any more work for those using it. And that is why more businesses are choosing Microsoft 365.

 Because it is a completely integrated offering, it is able to meet the demands of a variety of employees, across all industries. Microsoft 365 provides an ‘anywhere access’ through its mobile apps - meaning users can view and edit documents on the go, while keeping data secure. And a consistent experience across all devices enables easier handling of the  applications.

 File storage and sharing is simplified through a Cloud-based platform, and data is automatically synced across all devices. This reduces time spent on clarifying any amendments, and ensures each team is working off the most recent updates. And perhaps most importantly, communication is easy and uninterrupted with shared mobile calendars to show when colleagues are free or busy - providing access to content, conversations, tasks or schedules from any device.  

 Today’s employees want the flexibility of where and when they work, access to the latest devices and technology, and they expect their employer to make it easy for them. To keep up with the pace of change and the speed of business, it is important that they are able to access their work remotely, connect with their colleagues and meet with customers or partners in ways that support virtual teams. This is everything that Microsoft 365 encompasses.  

 Make sure your business embraces mobile technology in 2018. Request a free consultation with one of our qualified Microsoft specialists today.

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