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They're the generation other generations love to critique - wanting things before they've earnt them, confident in their opinions regardless of their experience, and driven to succeed in their chosen fields. Criticism of Millennials however, is often misconstrued, a reflection of societies love for keeping the younger generations in check, rather than legitimate flaws. But regardless of how you may perceive them, Millennials will dominate the New Zealand workforce by 2020 (1), bringing their drive and tech-savvy awareness with them. So, what does it all mean?

“A younger workforce, combined with society’s always-connected mentality and consumer traits, means work styles will become more ad hoc and less scheduled.” (2) It’s a mindset anticipated to permeate right through the office of the future, and speaking more broadly; society as a whole – where work and other activities will be performed virtually anywhere and from any device.

You can already see it happening, the line between professional life and personal life is becoming increasingly disjointed and blurry. A recent HP study found that 81% of workers now admit to handling certain work activities during personal time, while 58% highlighted that they conduct personal errands during typical work time (3).

But what’s the cause of it all? It’s a range of factors all compounding on each other in the digital age, and one of those factors is without doubt, the growing number of Millennials entering the workforce and rising through the ranks of their respective organisations. Millennials want immediacy; an attitude reflected in wider society through things such as Amazon same day delivery and the seemingly endless digitisation of everything.

10 years ago, everyone was booking holidays in bricks and mortar stores at Flight Centre and Webjet. How many Millennials do you think walk into a travel agent to book a holiday these days? With the likes of Expedia, Momondo and Skyscanner offering streamlined comparative services online, very, very few Millennials would see the need.
They want simplicity that aligns well with their interests and way of life, a view well reflected in the same HP study that found 45% choose workplace flexibility over pay, and 34% prefer to collaborate online at work as opposed to face to face (4). As the digital age continues to evolve, these nuances that Millennials enjoy in their private lives will become more commonplace from a business perspective also. As society becomes more immediate and always-on, your business’s purchasing needs will too.

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