Significantly Reduce Overhead Costs in your Business in 2018


Stop blowing the budget by using this one simple solution

As we near the end of the calendar year, most New Zealand businesses will be seeking to understand how their bottom line will look in 2018. From growth strategies, to expanding product and service offerings - there’s usually more cash required than what the budget can actually handle. Sound familiar?

This means that large, upfront costs are never approved without lengthy reporting and meticulous planning, because managing cash flow and allowing for considerable expenditure can be a serious roadblock for small-to-medium-sized enterprises.

But what if there was a way your business could increase productivity (as covered in our previous post), by always having the most up-to-date technology available for all of your employees, no matter when or where they worked? And that if all of this was actually at a cost-saving for your organisation?

The solution is simple - Microsoft 365.

Why an ongoing service plan makes financial sense

Microsoft 365 offers minimal monthly billing plans, rather than purchasing an off-the-shelf product that requires a significant one-off investment, which means SMEs are able to better manage their ongoing budgets - all while still providing their employees with the right tools for their jobs.

A small, regular monthly bill can be planned into the financial plan for the year, with accurate costings available, meaning you are able to better manage your budget forecast. It also provides a simple, predictable outgoing that is calculated regularly into operating expenses, without requiring you to dip into any business savings for one big outlay - so you don’t have to take the risk of not having a safety net for any unforeseeable spending.    

Microsoft 365 is also offers a very flexible design in that when your company grows or change, you simply increase or decrease the number of users. End users are also able to select the tools they want, so you only pay for the services you need. And there is simply no need to ‘upgrade’ or worry about new products coming onto the marketplace that you then have to pay extra for - your technology will always be up to date.

Value-added features

There is also a range of inclusions that come with Microsoft 365 Business Plans that have been designed around what SMEs need from technology on a continuing basis.

Did you know that the average employee earning $70,000 annually, who is based both in and out of the office, can cost a New Zealand business $1560 per month in discretionary costs*? In amongst that figure is IT spend, and considering the critical role it plays in most people’s jobs, you can expect it to take up a large portion of that financial overhead.

So what you are doing with Microsoft 365 is essentially reducing all the various technology requirements that every staff member has - conference call capability, software licences, file sharing, Cloud storage, device management, security, intranet, invoicing, custom email domains, mobile working ability - and all of this is provided with 24/7 support.

It’s basically like having an IT team on call whenever you need, at no extra cost.      

Further cost-saving byproducts

While it is clearly evident that an ongoing service plan minimises any budget blowouts upfront, what is also beneficial is the long-term byproducts that result from implementing Microsoft 365 in your business.

Microsoft noted themselves that as their business groups adopted the services available, they significantly reduced operating costs, capital expenses, legacy third-party carrier fees, and travel. The journey to the cloud has also led to increased productivity as their employees can communicate and collaborate from any location on any device.

Most business leaders expect that an increase in productivity in their business will also lead to a pressure on annual budgets - but with Microsoft 365, you can grow your organisation, while seeing a decrease in overall costs.

Significantly reduce overhead costs in your business in 2018 - request a free consultation with one of our qualified Microsoft specialists today.    

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*Employee cost calculator,