Streamline the manageability of your business with this key strategy


The business environment of the 21st century is defined by change. From employee expectations, to diverse and globally distributed teams, and the domination of technology which continues to adjust the way we work.

So the challenge that presents itself is - how do New Zealand enterprise leaders and management teams ensure they remain focused and stable, while also being adaptable to change in a unique environment?     

What it means to be a business in 2017/2018

There’s no doubt that operating a business is a complicated process. No matter the size, every organisation needs to be compliant of regulations, understand the essentials of good financial management, meet the cultural needs of its workers, pay attention to competitors and pitch themselves in an increasingly fragmented marketplace.     

This requires businesses to meet a wide range of demands for a variety of people, all while keeping operations streamlined and efficient. But of course this is always changing - the way we do things in a big picture sense (in order to grow an organisation), as well as the way people want to do things (whether as an employee or a customer). Which means that somewhere along the way, these two activities must coexist together, because you can’t accomplish one without the other.    

Maintain manageability - your key strategy

So this leads us to our key strategy point. To achieve both productivity and usability by people, a business must have the right systems in place. One that functions as a manageability tool for those in leadership, while also meeting the requirements of the end user. And that’s where Microsoft 365 Enterprise provides the ideal solution.  

With more than 100 million monthly commercial users worldwide, Microsoft knew it was in a unique position to help companies empower their employees, by unlocking business growth and innovation. So the latest release of Microsoft 365 Enterprise represents a fundamental shift in the way the software was designed - built to address organisational needs for a modern workplace. Its key functions include: 

  • Empowering creativity by enabling people to work naturally with ink, voice and touch, all backed by tools that utilise artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • Providing the broadest and deepest set of apps and services with a universal toolkit for teamwork, giving people flexibility and choice in how they connect, share and communicate.
  • Simplifying IT by unifying management across users, devices, apps and services.
  • Help to safeguard customer data, company data and intellectual property with built-in, intelligent security. 

Crucial points of operational performance

Four of the main elements of business operations are - supply, efficiency, reliability and adaptability, and quality control. Each function is as vital as the next, and it is the right management of these components that will generate productivity, and if done correctly - growth. Which is why having an organisation-wide operating system that is able to serve the needs of business operation, is imperative.

With Microsoft 365, companies can achieve more together, by better connecting employees, customers and suppliers - workers are able to complete their tasks from anywhere, on any device. Critical business data across devices comes with always-on security, and the setup and management of employee devices and services is provided through a single IT console.

Embracing the future of business

38 percent of New Zealand CEOs* say that technology will reshape their industry in five years, but globally this figure is much more conservative, at only 23 percent. What does this mean? New Zealand businesses have the potential to outperform their international partners, by being prepared for technological change, managing how it affects their organisation, and ultimately, embracing it. And this is exactly what Microsoft 365 was made for.  

Who said managing a business had to be arduous? Let the right software do the work for your organisation, so you can focus on the tasks which require your specific skills and expertise. Request a free consultation with one of our qualified Microsoft specialists today.

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*Price Waterhouse Coopers, New Zealand CEO Survey 2017