The A-Z of Network End-User Experience Monitoring

The A-Z of Network End-User Experience Monitoring

If there’s one conclusion we can draw from 2020 so far, it’s that life is unpredictable. Things can change in an instant and it pays to be nimble. Much like life, network interruptions and challenges can occur at any time, and when the network connection is spread across distributed and remote locations, the complexity attached to monitoring and maintaining a supreme end-user experience only intensifies.

Understanding network performance from the end-user perspective is incredibly important for businesses and network administrators – it eliminates the unknown and delivers a holistic level of clarity when diagnosing network issues and performance.

To empower businesses with the right level of visibility, Aruba has developed the Aruba User Experience Insight (UXI) sensor and dashboard for testing Wi-Fi connections from a user’s perspective. The team at Softsource have put together the ultimate A-Z list to help you understand the ins and outs of this nifty solution.


AI-powered IT experience. Alert fatigue becomes a thing of the past with artificial intelligence delivering alerts that pinpoint performance problems.

Behold the traffic lights. Inside the management dashboard a selection of simple traffic lights acts as your network thermometer. These lights show you the status of the overall user experience including Wi-Fi availability and quality, core network services, internal services like mail servers, and external services on public or private cloud.

Change focus at the click of a finger.With the easily accessible dashboard administrators can quickly switch from a network-wide view of each and every site to analysing performance problems affecting specific users.

Dashboard. Everything you need to analyse performance is located in one easy-to-read dashboard that is accessible from anywhere and at any time. All you need is a web browser.

External and internal. Many businesses with both internal and external services manage the health and status of each separately. With Aruba UXI, all your services, applications and Wi-Fi are easily monitored through the one dashboard.

Fix issues before they impact your bottom-line. Leverage a built-in trouble-shooter that can isolate issues and provide insight and analysis for a speedy resolution.

Gives you peace of mind that staff are only using the secure corporate network. When users have unsatisfactory connectivity, they can potentially expose themselves and the business to unseen risks by using less secure alternatives in an effort to stay productive.

Happening in real-time. Assessments and troubleshooting occur continuously throughout the day to deliver constant visibility of your end-user’s experiences.

Ideal for use in any industry. Whether you deliver healthcare services, have a large office-based workforce, or manufacture face-masks, understanding the network end-user experience will add value to your business.

Justify investment. It can sometimes be a challenge for IT teams to collate and present tangible evidence for new investments, but not with the Aruba UXI solution.

Keep your staff on-task. Downtime, lack of bandwidth and incorrect capacity planning can all have a ripple effect on staff productivity.

Learn more about the unique habits and needs of your users. Not every staff member has the same level of requirements when it comes to connectivity. Gain insight into the unique demands of your staff and re-calibrate accordingly to deliver the best performance possible.

More than just your Wi-Fi. Not only does the solution monitor connectivity performance, it also gives you visibility into application health and any network services you deliver to customers.

Nullify the unknown causes.Consider the Aruba UXI sensor the final frontier on your road to gaining overall clarity of your network performance.

Onsite sensors that are sleek, silent and simple to use. They’re designed to fit into any environment, no matter how large or small, and can test LAN, VLAN, WLAN and WAN connections.

Power capabilities built for versatility. The onsite sensors are designed with both Power-over-Ethernet and A/C adapter capabilities depending on your requirements.

Quality, quick and quiet.

Robust, scalable, requires no physical presence for installation, and can be accessed from anywhere in the world thanks to the cloud-based data processing and dashboard tools.

Smart Notification System makes life just that little bit simpler. They group notifications together to greatly reduce alert fatigue, but if one particular alert continues to bother you, simply mute it with one click.

Test 24/7. The Aruba UXI sensor exists to test your Wi-Fi network, services, and apps 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Unbiased view of your network. Typically, when a connected experience is poor, administrators look at different access points and where traffic is moving, but it’s not holistic.

Visibility is evidence. With this level of visibility into your network’s performance you have the tangible information you need to maintain high availability and mediate issues securely and quickly.

Works with any network. This includes non-Aruba and mixed-vendor infrastructure.

X is for experience, please don’t underestimate its importance.

You. A solution for you, your staff and your customers.

Zero touch provisioning. Eliminate timely and costly implementation endeavours with sensors that can be easily configured prior to deployment. Simply plug in, connect to the network and the data will start rolling in.

Contact Softsource today to get a free one-month trial of Aruba’s User Experience Insight (UXI) sensor. Monitor your Wi-Fi, gain better clarity and insight of your user network experience and pre-empt issues before they impact your bottom-line. The offer includes free installation as well as an assessment into findings from a Softsource Network Specialist.

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