The Three Ways Your Network is Choking Progress


Today’s businesses are poised on a precipice. Will they fly on a wave of digital success, or drop out of sight, like so many before them? From apps and services to social media and the IoT, the opportunity is immense, for those equipped to capitalise on it.

With the focus on exciting applications and an internet of things (IoT) to explore, it can be easy to overlook your most vital supporting tool. Your network dictates your ability to capitalise on modern technologies… and all networks are not created equally. There are three key ways your network may be choking your progress: 

1. The wrong fit.

Off the shelf products can be handy for a home office, where your kids need to share your printer for their homework or you want to put in a little extra time to finish off a project.

In a business, though, the demands are far greater, and the set-up more complex. Chances are, many of your users are mobile – or at least, they’d like to be. When they’re experiencing network blackspots, or contained by a wired network, staff are unable to use modern apps, and cloud services may be impossible. Speeds may be inadequate, so what should be quick tasks may take hours, even overnight.

And then there’s the overload, with cheap networks costing heavily in productivity when your entire team cannot get online at once. You may even be paying people when they are unable to complete their day-to-day tasks.   

2. Lack of security.

Cyber-criminals are more sophisticated than ever, and their attacks all have one common factor: they rely on using a network. Poor security can hold you back, taking up time and skilled resources in a constant battle of wits.

Staff behaviour changes when they become frustrated by network limitations, and this can increase security threats. They may use unsecured mobiles, or just decide to take work home, meaning they could be accessing sensitive data on a network that is outside your control. Worst of all, you may experience a significant breach or loss of data, resulting in financial penalties and a damaged reputation.    

3. Time and Money.

If you don’t explore the opportunities of new technologies and mobile devices, your competition will, so a strong digital strategy is a matter of business survival. To accomplish this, you need the time and focus of your skilled IT staff.

Your network is an essential foundation when it comes to modern applications and services, and keeping it in good order is time-consuming, with endless support calls distracting the people you need most from your business direction. The costs are unpredictable, making budgeting a nightmare. If you are to enjoy the benefits of digitising your business, something must break the cycle.

To tackle these three key network problems, organisations need a modern network environment, with top-tier security and high performance – all without draining the IT team’s time and energy. In essence, the IT team, no matter how skilled, cannot do everything 24/7, so it makes sense to reserve their deep knowledge of the business for growth activities.

We developed our network as a service (NaaS) solution for organisations that face these three challenges. It uses market-leading Aruba wi-fi networking technology, installed, maintained and managed by specialist networking engineers, with a predictable monthly cost. Along with very high performance, the focus is on security that uses machine learning to identify and isolate risks. If you want secure, fit-for-business technology, done by the experts, this is for you.

Time to boost productivity and make your business digital ready? Talk to our NaaS experts today.