Upgrade Your Devices and Software to Boost Productivity

Upgrade Your Devices and Software to Boost Productivity

You know your team is good. You know your product is good. So, what’s holding you back from achieving the KPIs and productivity goals you know you should be hitting? Maybe the answer is literally at your fingertips.

Old and outdated devices and software can contribute significantly to slowing the progress of work, preventing your people performing at peak efficiency and adversely affecting your reputation for professionalism with customers.

Ask yourself, when was the last time you upgraded your mobile and desktop devices? We don’t just mean plugged in some new or updated software, we mean invested in the latest technology to make your business run smoother, more productively and more cost-effectively.

Maybe it’s time to see what’s new in the market and discover how the latest innovations could give your business a boost.

Upgrade your productivity with Microsoft Windows 11 Pro

Windows 10 was good. Windows 11 is better. But Microsoft Windows 11 Pro takes business operating systems to the next level.

Designed with the hybrid workplace in mind, it’s been created to enable faster, smoother, more efficient working from the office or remotely.

More than an upgrade, it’s a 21st century working environment overhaul that showcases a simpler, more intuitive look and feel, speedier navigation, an improved touch interface, cloud-management that enables work from anywhere, integrated Teams online meeting app and tougher enterprise-grade encryption levels for better security.

If Productivity is King, Windows 11 Pro is its loyal servant.

Upgrade your performance with HP and Intel 11th Gen Core Processors

If you’re going to upgrade your operating system, it makes sense to invest in better devices to run it on.

At Softsource vBridge we’re big fans of the HP range of notebooks, desktops, convertibles, all-in-ones and displays. Sleek, secure and manageable they feature powerful collaboration tools that make meetings a breeze and working together easier than ever before. HP devices combine the durability and functionality the modern office demands with outstanding speed, enhanced connectivity and premium technology to deliver precise workflow solutions and improve productivity. Quite simply, they look and feel like they mean business.

Of course, performance is your number one priority when you’re looking to upgrade but there are other factors to take into account too. The way the device looks, its size and weight, the feel of the keyboard and the clarity of the visual display are all equally important, because we’re all at our most productive when we feel comfortable with the equipment we’re using. Choosing the right devices can be as important as creating a positive office work environment when it comes to getting the most out of people.

HP has an extensive range of devices, which means there’s definitely one to suit your needs, but here are three options we recommend to start with.

3 massive productivity myths

So, assuming you’ve upgraded your hardware and software, what else can you and your team do to positively affect productivity? According to US business expert Robin Smith one simple change you can make is to stop buying in to these common myths about workplace productivity.

Busy equals productive – Society has trained us to think that we’re being productive if we are constantly working on something. But being buried beneath a pile of tasks is not the way to improve efficiency. Stop mistaking movement for achievement and start prioritising. True productivity means achieving your desired results with less effort and time.

Multi-tasking is a must – The truth is that if you’re doing everything at once, you’re really not doing much at all. Multi-tasking breaks your concentration. It’s much more productive to give full focus to one task at a time in order of priority.

Working from home achieves less – With working from home becoming more and more the norm, some employees say they’re less productive because of all the distractions around them. The key here is to create a routine that allows you to focus on work, such as setting up a dedicated workspace rather than simply grabbing your laptop wherever you happen to be sitting or dedicating certain time zones within the day that are set aside for work only. Don’t think of it as working from home, think of it as remote working.

Make today really productive, give Softsource vBridge a call

Productivity is one of the keystones of success in business and we’re here to help you improve yours. So, if you’ve got any questions about Windows 11 Pro, the HP range of devices or you’d like to know how Softsource vBridge Managed Services could help boost your business productivity, get in touch with us today. We’d love to hear from you.