Upgrade Your Devices to Better Protect Your Business Data

Upgrade Your Devices to Better Protect Your Business Data

As the business world changes and evolves, endpoint security becomes more vital than ever as your first line of defence against cyberattack.

It’s a subject we spend a lot of time exploring here at Softsource vBridge because it’s always a high priority for our customers. Ensuring your business is secure and protected against hackers and network breaches is a complex issue and involves more than just the hardware and software you choose. It’s also about creating a culture of awareness and responsibility within your workforce that empowers everyone to identify potential security risks and help mitigate against them.

Let’s start from the ground up with the devices you use and the OS software you run on them.

Since its release in July 2015, Microsoft Windows 10 has been the standard OS for just about every business on the planet. From single person start-ups to multinational organisations to Government departments, everybody uses Windows 10. We can all talk to one another and share data and documents knowing they can be opened and read whoever we’re talking to. But it also means hackers and cybercriminals are familiar with it too and the steady rise in more effective and destructive malware and ransomware is proof they are finding ways around security systems more frequently and more successfully every day.

All of which means, with the security field changing daily and the threat landscape evolving exponentially, keeping your business ahead of the curve can be a real challenge.

The good news is our defences and protections are evolving too.

Upgrade your security with Microsoft Windows 11 Pro

Microsoft’s long-term approach to security has been to create a chain of trust that ensures the integrity of the entire hardware and software stack from the ground up.

The new Windows 11 OS continues that trend by refining existing elements that made its predecessor so popular, like Kernel Data Protection, Application Guard and Windows Enhanced Sign-In, and introducing new security features that raise the bar including enhanced hardware-enforced stack protection, MAA and Pluton TPM Architecture.

Hardware-enforced stack protection - Hardware-enforced stack protection was introduced in Windows 10 to protect code running in kernel mode as well as in user mode. It protects control-flow integrity by creating a shadow stack that mirrors the call stack’s list of return addresses. When control is transferred to an address on the call stack it’s checked against the shadow stack to ensure it matches. In the new version, it’s been extended to further protect against data compromise or corruption.

Microsoft Azure Attestation (MAA) - Windows 11 comes with out-of-the-box support for MAA, enabling users to verify the integrity of a system’s hardware and software remotely. This allows you to enforce Zero Trust policies when granting access to sensitive cloud-based resources.

Pluton TPM Architecture – Proof that Microsoft is always one step ahead when it comes to security, Pluton is included in Windows 11 in readiness for the next generation of notebooks and laptops. It’s a feature that has been available in the Xbox gaming console for several years but doesn’t exist in PCs yet. Pluton is centred around a security chip embedded directly into the CPU in order to ensure keys are never exposed outside of the protected item of hardware. It prevents physical attacks that target the communication channel between the CPU and the TPM.

Designed with the security challenges of today’s hybrid workplace in mind, but with one eye firmly fixed on the fast-evolving landscape of tomorrow, Windows 11 Pro has been created to enable faster, smoother, more secure working from the office or remote locations.

Upgrade your hardware with HP and Intel 11th Gen Core Processors

To get the most out of your Windows 11 security features, Softsource vBridge recommends upgrading to the HP range of notebooks, desktops, convertibles, all-in-ones and displays. HP devices combine the speed, durability and functionality the modern workplace demands with outstanding security features delivered via a robust endpoint protection system called HP Wolf Security for Business.

HP Wolf Security for Business provides hardware-enforced security above and below the OS through a portfolio of proprietary apps including HP Sure Start self-healing BIOS, HP Sure Run which keeps critical security processes running when malware tires to shut them down, HP Sure Sense which uses AI deep learning to locate and neutralise malware and ransomware, HP Sure Recover automatic data recovery, HP Sure Click endpoint and user data protection and HP Sure View built -in privacy screen.

HP takes security seriously, as the endpoint protection and resiliency features embedded across its extensive range of devices demonstrates.

4 things you can do to improve cybersecurity right now

As well as upgrading your hardware and software, what else can you and your team do to help deter thieves and hackers? Well, there are 4 basic things you can start doing today that will help make your business and your business data less vulnerable.

Implement multi-factor authentication – asking for two pieces of information to prove your identity is much harder for a hacker to fake than a single password. According to the US Government multi-factor authentication makes it 99% less likely you’ll get hacked.*

Turn on automatic updates – this is just common sense but you’d be surprised how many people forget to do it. The latest updates will have the latest protections and security fixes on them.

Think before you click – more than 90% of successful cyber-attacks start with a phishing email.* Think twice before you click on a link you don’t recognise or open an email that looks wrong. If in doubt, ask your IT expert.

Create strong passwords – hard to believe but the most common password is ‘password’. Try to be a bit more inventive (avoid family member’s names and birthdays) and don’t use the same password across multiple access points.

Be sure you’re secure, give Softsource vBrdige a call

We know security is important to your business and we’re here to help. So, if you’ve got any questions about Windows 11 Pro, the HP range of devices or you’d like to know how Softsource vBridge Managed Services could help keep your business-critical data more secure, talk to one of our Security experts today.