When You’re Focusing on Your Business, is your Network a Distraction You Can’t Afford?

 When you are focusing on your business


If you’ve been in business for a while, you’ll have experienced a few bumps along the road. Surviving flat markets and making the most of the good times is all part of the journey. But going into the current, volatile business environment without the right technology is like taking a wrong turn onto a Formula One track.

There is no doubt the opportunities are there, as many of the out-of-nowhere success stories have shown, but to achieve those feats requires two things: incredible agility, and absolute focus. To thrive in the digital era means always being ready to grab opportunities and explore new technologies, something that can’t easily be done when your most technically skilled people still have one eye on the network, or are continuously interrupted by support calls. Survival means innovation and reinvention, and that takes focus.

Networks are one of the big-time drains for many organisations. Sometimes, that is because the off-the-shelf products simply aren’t fit for purpose. They may be designed for home offices, or less rigorous purposes than a busy, growing business. The result is frustrating for staff, who depend on staying connected to perform their jobs effectively; limited connections and sluggish performance can make anyone feel irritable.

In other cases, staff may be trying to manage a network at the same time as juggling other business-critical tasks – and networking may not be their speciality. If they take the time to focus on the network, other responsibilities suffer.

That isn’t to say that the network isn’t important. Quite the opposite, in fact. It is at the centre of everything – but it should be an invisible foundation that facilitates everything else. If your organisation is to thrive in the digital era, your network needs to be excellent, but it also needs to be just there, not the focus of your attention.

The answer is at hand. A growing number of organisations are making the decision to acquire their network as a service (NaaS), just as they would buy other utilities. Instead of shelling out upfront costs for equipment they then must manage, maintain and support, they pay a predictable monthly amount to have a high-quality Aruba wi-fi network, installed and managed by network specialists, complete with local support.

The networks are designed for the demands of business, ready for anything, and equipped with the latest security and performance, and the engineers know how to make sure there are no black spots or bottlenecks – everyone can get on the network at once. They are always updated, patched and ready to go, so the organisations no longer bear the hidden cost of supporting cheap, inadequate infrastructure.

Even though NaaS uses world-leading Aruba technology, it is designed and supported right here in New Zealand by our networking experts. What is most exciting is to see the amazing ideas our customers are working on now that they are free from the daily network support. From streamlining processes to designing new apps, our customers are never short of innovative ideas, they just needed time to put them into action.

Time to step away from wrestling with network challenges? Contact our NaaS specialists today for a free initial assessment.