Introducing Surface Hub.
Your all-in-one collaboration device.
Find out how the Microsoft Surface Hub can take meetings and collaboration to the next level

Meetings will never be the same with the Microsoft Surface hub. It is easy to be fully engaged with rich audio, visual and touch experiences by moving seamlessly between applications, web browsers and connected devices. Start meetings with one touch using Skype or even invite a guest participants from across the country, frictionless innovation and collaboration can finally take place in meetings.

Best way to create and brainstorm with others
OneNote Whiteboard
Fluid, natural ink
Built for teamwork
Rich multimedia experience
Take your ideas with you


Make meetings more engaging and productive
One-touch start with Skype for Business
Scheduled or spontaneous
Easy to share content
Engaging for everyone
Walk away with confidence

Platform for amazing large-screen apps
Windows 10 apps run on Surface hub
Connect apps from personal devices
New Cloud-based app experience
Create your own app

Designed for the modern workplace
Any space
every user

Experience what Microsoft Surface Hub can do for your organisation.
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"Some 82% of business leaders told us that their use of collaboration tools and technologies has improved time savings since deployment."

- Forrester Consulting, Thought leadership paper