Welcome to ‘Lifting the Lid on Technology’, a new podcast series from Softsource where we dive into technology like never before, uncovering current market trends and challenges in the ever-evolving IT landscape, and what it means for you.

Episode 4:

Indelible: The Next-generation of Data Backup & Security

In this episode, we investigate the intricacies of Backup and DR security and explore the latest innovations for keeping your data secure.

Barry White, our VCIO/Principal Consultant, and Ben Young, Head of Cloud Products at Softsource vBridge, dive into the latest cyber- attack trends, why immutability and daily testing have become so relevant and what makes the new Indelible end-to-end backup solution so significant.

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Ben Young

Head of Cloud Products at Softsource vBridge

Ben specialises in the automation and integration of a broad range of cloud and virtualisation technologies. He surfaces these automations through a leading edge, self-service portal that customers use on a daily basis to manage their IaaS and PaaS workloads.

When he’s not simplifying complex technology with easy-to- use customer tools, he’s a self-confessed food snob and loves exploring new restaurants or old favourites.

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Episode 3:
Business Transformation Using Modern Tools

We talk to Blues' Performance Analyst, Troy Webber, about business transformation using modern workplace tools. Troy gives listeners a behind-the-scenes look at how the Blues used technology to improve processes, data analysis and reach a winning performance. Have you ever wondered how sports teams stay on top of their game? Technology plays a big part. Tune in to learn how rugby teams collect massive amounts of data from each game and how this information is analysed to boost performance and prepare for the opposition.

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Troy Webber

Performance Analyst - Blues

Troy Webber is the technical expert providing the Blues coaches and players with video footage and analysis of their own and the opposition's game performances.

Troy spends countless hours breaking the game down into numerous aspects to identify any advantages or weaknesses and to give the Blues an edge over opponents.

Holding a Bachelor of Commerce and Master of Information Technology at Bond University, Troy has previously been a video analyst for the Auckland Storm, Counties-Manukau Air New Zealand Cup team and Auckland ITM Cup video analyst. Troy has been the Performance Analyst at the Blues since 2010.

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Episode 2:
Networking at the Intelligent Edge

Part 1: Softsource's VCIO/Principal Consultant, Barry White is joined by Aruba's New Zealand Country manager, Andrew Fox. In the first of a two-part episode, the team discuss networking challenges at the Intelligent Edge for NZ businesses, diving into SD-WAN, cloud native management and AI.

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Part 2: Softsource's VCIO/Principal Consultant, Barry White is joined by Aruba's New Zealand Country manager, Andrew Fox. Following on from part 1, the team dives into particular use cases across remote working, privacy, and security before discussing Aruba's new industry-first solution, Aruba ESP (Edge Services Platform) and how it can help NZ businesses address challenges at the Intelligent Edge.

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Andrew Fox

New Zealand Country Manager - Aruba

As NZ Country Manager for Aruba, Andrew leads a talented team of people passionate about the potential of networking to change the way we live and work. We're having conversations with customers about user experience, zero-trust security, mobile engagement, IOT and software defined networking, all underpinned by our awesome technology.

When not at work I'll be indulging in my passion for family, trundling around in my Dalek (google it), and enjoying good friends, good music and good wine.

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Episode 1:
A World Reoriented

In our first podcast episode, Softsource's VCIO/Principal Consultant, Barry White is joined by HP Product Evangelist, Carlin Diprose. Setting the scene with exploration into how the current global pandemic has reoriented NZ businesses with the move to a hybrid workplace, and the contrasts between NZ and global markets. The team then discuss how the role of IT has changed over the last 12 months, before ending with a look at current IT manageability and security challenges and some must have components for your technology foundation moving forward.

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Barry White

VCIO/Principal Consultant / Business Transformation & Intelligence

With a passion founded on technology and services as an enabler, Softsource VCIO/Principal Consultant, Barry White holds more than 30 years of ICT industry knowledge and experience. Having worked across numerous Enterprise, Education and Government Projects, Barry is Softsource's Practice Manager for Microsoft NZ with particular focus on Cloud and Office 365 deployments.

Away from Softsource Barry is a Group CIO for two NZX listed organisations. His passion and success derive from working with organisations who recognise and value the opportunity that evolving technology options afford to their business, with a view to improving productivity and ultimately profitability.

Carlin Diprose

Product Evangelist - HP

With over 4 years' experience at HP, Carlin Diprose has worked on both the consumer and commercial sides of the business. Since assuming the role of Product Evangelist, it's his job to champion all the innovation initiatives at HP.

Carlin has never seen a more rapid, and accelerated time for innovation than what has transpired in the last 12 months. Fascinated by the global and local trends driving new technologies and hardware advancements at both HP and wider tech industry, Carlin believes 2020 and 2021 has fundamentally transformed how businesses operate. Is your organisation setup to thrive in this new environment?

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Softsource’s Devices on Demand solution enables businesses to adapt to the Hybrid workplace as discussed by Barry and Carlin.

Devices on Demand gives employees the tools to accelerate productivity, while being supported by a managed service, all for a simple monthly fee.

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