Network as a Service

84 percent of network executives say that their legacy network infrastructure cannot deliver the speed of service needed for key, modern applications needed by a mobile workforce. These restrictions block progress, and choke efforts to improve customer experience. They also place immense demands on the very IT teams tasked with driving new services.

NaaS is a game-changer, introducing the best custom-built, modern wi-fi networks, managed 24/7 by our team of engineers. We’ve joined forces with Aruba to do everything needed to install, maintain and monitor your high-performance network, with no up-front costs and a simple monthly fee. No black spots, no bottlenecks, and the freedom to employ Big Data, mobility, and the infinite possibilities of the Internet of Things (IoT):

  • From installation to upgrades, fully managed, all for one simple monthly fee.
  • A highly secure, agile and scalable network without the distraction of management.
  • Increased user productivity.
  • Top tier Aruba wi-fi networks.
  • Insight into use patterns and behaviour, to deliver better user experiences.
  • Service level agreements (SLAs) to give you peace of mind.
  • Clearer visibility of your environment, any time you need it.

6 Ways to Modernise Your Network

The Three Ways Your Network is Choking Progress - and How to Fit It

With the focus on exciting applications and an internet of things (IoT) to explore, it can be easy to overlook your most vital supporting tool. Your network dictates your ability to capitalise on modern technologies… and all networks are not created equally. If your network is causing frustrations, or you can’t do everything you want online, our blog may have just the information you need.

The Technology that Keeps Mobile Users Safe Online

As cyber-criminals become increasingly sophisticated, your defence needs to use a new level of intelligence. Softsource’s NaaS solutions use the latest Aruba technology, drawing on artificial intelligence (AI) to identify changes in user behaviour. This arms you with intelligence about possible inside attacks that have got past your perimeter security measures. Without this intelligence, inside risks can exist in your environment for an average of 100 days, but with our NaaS service, it doesn’t stand a chance. The threat can be stopped before it does significant damage – read how Aruba security fabric works to arrest cyber-criminals.



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