IP Hub

IP Hub is a Layer 3 IPVPN product which enables businesses to connect their offices in different locations to each other.  These connections, which can utilise different access methods and speeds, are networked to create an open and scalable network that combines the flexibility of IP with the security of a traditional network.  Routers manage traffic prioritisation and the routing of traffic between locations so that businesses can access all their shared services.

Using IP Hub, sites can communicate on an “any to any” basis.  The service uses IP Quality of Service (QoS) to prioritise different types of traffic, such as real time voice, video, or financial data, and ensuring effective communications if the network becomes congested. 

The service is delivered over Vector Communications’ existing network and third party inputs so it is easily scalable and has national reach.

Softsource has partnered with IP Hub to offer high-value managed solutions such as VoIP, conferencing and converged communications.  Our solution connects offices in different parts of New Zealand so employees can easily share information and applications as if they were in the same building.

Example: Service model for potential IPVPN Core:

Iphub Banner

Key features & benefits:
  • Link offices together so they appear to be in the same building, on the same network
  • Information and applications are shared securely between offices
  • Cheaper and more flexible than building and maintaining your own network solution
  • Easy to make changes such as increasing the access link to a site or to add a new site
  • IT resources can be focused on key initiatives rather than connectivity and networks
  • Smaller offices enjoy the same access to applications/data as the larger ones at an economic price
  • Easy to share resources across different locations
  • Simple to deploy centralised capabilities including backup
  • Opportunity to combine data, voice, video networks to save money


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