Managed Backups

Managed Backups is a remote monitoring strategy for safeguarding the quality of a business’s scheduled backup. Your data is successfully backed up to physical media ensuring that your information is safely stored and available should it be required again at a later date.  Softsource’s comprehensive monitoring solution removes the uncertainty of faulty backups/tapes and administration time dealing with the implementation and management of your in-house daily backup system.   Your servers and data stay at your site and our qualified engineers remotely monitor and manage the backup procedure through to tape. The customer remains in complete control of the tapes, and their storage procedures.

Every business has different levels of security needs and Softsource offer several flexible Backup solutions to ensure your specific requirements are met. On-line backups, for example, suit businesses who prefer to outsource their entire Backup procedure, Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity strategies. These fully managed, cost-effective packages are customized to fit individual business requirements and budget. One size does not fit all - our technical experts will discuss your requirements, assess your existing business operations and architect the ideal Backup solution for your business.

To receive a free consultation and discuss a solution to fit your specific business needs, please contact our team of experienced specialists via email or phone 09-918-3712

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