Managed Firewall

Keeping intruders out while enabling daily Internet operations requires a comprehensive set of security policies and constant monitoring to ensure your systems and data are protected. But the labour and financial investment required to implement this kind of firewall security can quickly drain IT resources, leaving no time or money to focus on day-to-day business processes, and potentially leaving network assets open to attack.

Softsource offer a broad portfolio of effective, industry-leading managed firewall services, from virtual to dedicated firewall platforms. Our Managed Firewall service delivers powerful, easy-to-use and affordable enterprise-class protection. Your business acquires dedicated, best-of-breed security measures without spending time and money ensuring that you have selected the correct security for your network.

Softsource's Managed Firewall services will deliver for any sized organisation - from the small 10-user office through to large global enterprise. If necessary our firewall engineering team can also consult into your organisation to design and build your own internal systems. Our firewall engineering team is certified with numerous vendors, and most importantly they hold the experience.

Softsource will work with you to perform a security review of your firewall needs, your network and system topology, and security policies to develop and define your firewall security policy. We will then configure, install, and manage your firewall systems according to your requirements, provisioning your service on a range of platforms, including network-based and virtual firewalls, or on dedicated appliances such as Cisco® ASA and Unified Threat Management (UTM) from Fortinet.

Benefits Include:


  • Increased security through a unified threat management system
  • Connect offices and remote workers with ease
  • Control and report on employees’ Internet access
  • Support and maintenance included with 24x7x365 monitoring
  • Cluster multiple Internet connections for performance and resilience

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