entrada vCIO - Virtual CIO

Strategic Planning & Technology Roadmap Design

A CIO-level guidance and planning solution available to your business, as a service.  Focusing on business and IT alignment, the entrada vCIO gives mid-size businesses the expertise and value of a technology advisor without the cost of an in-house CIO.
The key focus of the vCIO is on Business Transformation, Data Intelligence, Security & Compliance and Process Improvement.

The interlocking CIO Services span strategic planning; infrastructure & future road mapping; evaluation and selection of point vendor solutions; security audit and business continuity planning.  The service encapsulates an assessment of current Business Processes, identifying issues and opportunities for improvement, by establishing strategies that will effectively transform, manage and visualise information more efficiently.

Modules Include:

  • Thought leadership and Planning
    Align your organisation’s goals and IT strategy
  • Information Plan
    Tangible objectives that can be realised through technology Investments that are aligned to Business goals
  • Business Continuity Planning
    Review and identify exposure to internal and external threats, ensuring compliance, issues management (audit), reporting and orchestration plans are achieved.
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) Development and Management
    Review Service-level agreements using standards from the Information Technology Information Library (ITIL) Clarification of responsibilities and manage expectations and performance.
  • IT Budget Development and Management
    Develop and manage a budget that respects the current needs of your organisation, whilst focusing on the opportunity to capitalise on 3rd Platform opportunities and adoption strategies.
  • IT Staff Performance Management and Skill Development
    Focus on project and planning delivery via expert management programmes. Adoption and team mentoring/coaching of emerging methodologies such as Agile.
  • IT Policy Development
    Review governance mechanisms, application and reporting to ensure program goals are met, applied and monitored effectively.
  • IT Vendor Sourcing and Management
    Providing a holistic approach to vendor sourcing, selection and management to optimise productivity and financial value from 3rd party relationships including contract negotiations and management, licencing validation.

Business Process Improvement: (BPI)

A successful business process improvement program, requires delivery in three key areas:

  • Transformation- the tools and techniques for building the right organization and motivating people to change
  • Operations- the methods, technologies and skills needed to identify and execute process change
  • Technologies- the IT capabilities, trends, skills and vendor assessments to develop and sustain the software and services underlying business processes.

Softsource can help you:

  • Measure and assess your current business processes, identifying issues and opportunities for improvement, refining selected processes to ensure your whole operation reaches a superior level of exceptional performance.
  • Improve visibility to and access to key data, by surfacing information in highly dynamic ways from multiple sources, enabling transformation, collaboration and improved productivity across the organisation.
  • Delivering value from existing investments such as Office SharePoint, SQL Server and other line of business applications and databases including Oracle, MySQL and Salesforce.

Target benefits are:

  • Prioritized, streamlined and simplified business processes aligned through best practice systems implementation.
  • Reduction in time-to-value for packaged application projects.
  • Implementation of light weight, loosely coupled applications that utilise 3rd Platform capability.

vCIO/aaS Getting IT Right

  • Definition of needs and gaps analysis
  • Current state definition/admission
  • Requirements definition
  • Security and compliance
  • Benefit qualification in time and dollars
  • Measurement and visibility
  • Innovation & Leadership- Vision- Do We Have a Map?
  • Real Return on Investment (ROI) calculations
  • Impact assessment-migration challenges
  • Change Management, Staff & Contract Negotiation
  • Simple engagement model (workshops, daily, weekly, monthly POA)
For more information about this vCIO service and how it could work for your organisation please contact Softsource.
  • How it works

    Under the Managed Service portfolio offered by Softsource, businesses can now assess a range of contracting models to suit any size organisation, project or budget.

    Modules include half day introductory interviews and workshops, typically leading to a current state review exercise, supported by appropriate strategy & planning documentation for presentation to the board, senior management and other key stakeholders. 

    Packages include daily, weekly & short/medium term engagements, (part/full-time) to assist with formulation and development of a clear road map. Services can be contracted on a time and material basis or as an extension of an individual Managed Services Agreement.

    The entrada vCIO will drive a range of outcomes including redefinition of business models and competitive positioning, technology choices that are aligned to the business strategy.



  • "With entrada vCIO, we hope to demystify the future for our clients.

    We believe that the opportunity and productivity gains that Cloud and SaaS applications provide are now well understood by most organisations. The roadmap of how to “get there” however is less clear.

    By providing a pragmatic and modern approach to IT strategic planning, we believe we can help businesses drive innovation and agility into their operations, by facilitating informed decision-making, ensuring roles and responsibilities around key areas such as security & compliance are well defined and implemented."

    Pablo Garcia ,  General Manager, Softsource

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