Adapt to your IT Habitat

Entrada Hybrid Infrastructure as a Service
Giving businesses the flexibility to adapt to their changing requirements

Get a Clear Picture of Your End Goal:
Hybrid Cloud

Today’s organisations need flexible IT infrastructure that can scale on demand. The challenge lies in balancing the agility and cost-savings of public cloud with the security and control of on-premises infrastructure.

Finding the ideal cloud and infrastructure solutions to meet the unique requirements of each application is a complex task – even for the most experienced IT teams. Thankfully, businesses no longer need to manage multiple subscriptions and complex network configurations for a truly integrated IT environment.

With entrada Hybrid IaaS, Softsource can bring you an integrated hybrid cloud solution that meets the needs of your business today and adapts as your business grows.

  • An on-demand mix of local cloud and Microsoft Azure hosted virtual machines
  • Move across platforms through a single point of control
  • Automates the deployment of servers, network and applications
  • All through a single, easily understood monthly invoice.

Find out how you can control IT costs and performance with Softsource.

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Simplified Implementation and Integration

Softsource has advanced expertise across cloud and on-premises infrastructure, and we can help you plan your strategy for adopting a tailored hybrid cloud solution.

With an industry-leading portfolio of solutions and more than 20 years’ experience in deploying hybrid cloud, Softsource, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Intel® have a proven record of reducing overall implementation time by up to 50%.1

Let us help you Adapt to your IT habitat and begin your Hybrid Cloud Journey today.

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Enterprise-grade Performance,
Security and Control

Data Sovereignty

Workloads reside in our datacentre in New Zealand, or you can choose to extend your network to the Azure public cloud on-demand.

Business Continuity

Leverage Azure Vault and Site Recovery, automating the replication of the virtual machines based on policies that you set and control, coupled with an enterprise class disk-based back-up service.

Monitoring and Management

Including local hosted and public cloud workloads. With 24/7 support. 24 Hours x 7 days per week technical support and help desk.

Hosted Office 365

Using Shared Computer Activation (SCA) you choose in terms of where and how you prefer to access Office 365, either locally here in New Zealand, or in the Azure Public Cloud.

Microsoft Azure

Supports 32-bit, 64-bit apps, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux OS Supports older line of business apps and provides time to plan your OS and application end of life.

Customised SLAs

Provides you the ability to customise your SLA to fit your needs, with guaranteed 99.9% uptime, best-in-class OS support, and hypervisor features.

Hybrid Cloud Feasibility Assessment

This assessment is designed to help you plan your hybrid cloud strategy by establishing:

  • the workloads best placed for each location
  • the estimated cost of deploying each workload
  • practical guidance on your entrada Hybrid IaaS environment
  • a business case that outlines organisational benefits
  • a tailored report that begins your roadmap to hybrid cloud

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