entrada Hybrid IaaS

Private, Public or Hybrid? What is your cloud strategy?

Unless you plan on putting your entire business on a public cloud, you will need a solution that brings public cloud and private cloud capabilities seamlessly together. Why should you compromise in how you manage and consume cloud services just because you know that a one-cloud strategy doesn’t fit every one of your applications needs?

Softsource understands that the public cloud should only be one part of a bigger hybrid cloud approach. Softsource can bring you an integrated hybrid cloud solution that meets the needs of your business and can adapt as your business grows.

Microsoft and Softsource enable hybrid cloud solutions based on the familiar tools you use on-premises today, like Microsoft’s System Centre and Hyper-V coupled with the public cloud scale enabled by Softsource’s global cloud infrastructure.

The entrada Hybrid IaaS

entrada Platformentrada Hybrid IaaS is a highly available, managed multi-cloud platform, delivering Infrastructure as a Service to SMB, Medium and Enterprise businesses. Incorporating a mix of local cloud and Azure hosted virtual machines on demand, businesses can now transverse platforms through a single point of control.  

Softsource has a deep understanding of both the cloud and on-premises infrastructure, and can help you plan your strategy to adopt the right cloud solution for you.

entrada Hybrid IaaS gives businesses the flexibility to move applications from on premise, to private cloud, to a public cloud with Microsoft Azure, to a service provider private cloud off-premises solution in New Zealand, with one company, under one service agreement.

Benefits Include:

  • Cost-effective solution and savings. Shifting to cloud technologies and automation reduces operational expenses, with substantial savings compared to traditional virtualisation solutions.
  • Data sovereignty. Workloads reside in our Data Centre in New Zealand, or you can choose to extend your network to the Azure public cloud on demand. 
  • Security. Enterprise-grade performance and security provides extensive control and monitoring of your infrastructure.
  • Simple. Provisioning and management of virtual machines, storage and network across a common platform for private and public cloud deployment, makes your journey to the cloud easy to embrace.
  • Agility. Enables quick, inexpensive testing of high availability solutions. Scale up, scale down as and when needed.
  • Business Continuity.  Leverages Azure Vault and Azure Site Recovery, automating the replication of the virtual machines based on policies that you set and control, coupled with an enterprise class disk based back-up service.
  • Monitoring and operational management of all services – including local hosted and public cloud workloads.
  • Flexibility. Change server configurations for CPU, Memory & Storage on demand.
  • 24/7 support.  24 Hours x 7 days per week technical support and help desk.


The cloud OS Network

Softsource is part of an elite, global network of cloud service providers who have embraced Microsoft’s Cloud OS strategy.

Softsource offers hybrid cloud solutions delivered from a Microsoft cloud platform implementation that your IT teams are familiar with today.

The platform is comprised of a Microsoft-validated, cloud based infrastructure and associated applications, using the Windows Server 2012 R2 with Hyper-V, System Centre 2012 R2, and the Microsoft Azure Pack, which provides the same Azure IaaS capabilities Microsoft runs with its own offering Microsoft and Softsource uniquely enable one consistent platform across datacentres, utilizing shared technologies for virtualization layer, systems management, and identity.

Azure Certified

Do you want...

  • A trusted Service Provider to manage your cloud in your datacentre
  • A local service provider to host your data or applications?
  • Cloud solutions that support your 32-bit applications?
  • Support for both commercial and open source applications on the same platform?
  • Seamless and configurable network integration?
  • Cost-effective storage solutions?
  • A customized and valuable SLA with specific performance levels that can’t be met by public cloud providers?
  • Support for migrating your line of business (LOB) applications to the cloud?

Why Softsource?

Softsource’s innovative and agile cloud offering has been recognised year on year at the annual NZ Microsoft Partner Awards. These awards represent the pinnacle of IT industry partners in New Zealand and we are pleased to be consistently acknowledged for our leading edge market offerings.

Together, Microsoft, Softsource, and the Cloud OS solution give you the best of both worlds. Ultimately, you need a partner who can run your legacy assets, as well as your new cloud assets, on an enterprise-class level and at enterprise standards. Softsource is that partner.

Enterprise-class Control and Compliance

Better Together with Microsoft Azure

Fully Managed Service

System Center