Softsource has extensive expertise in storage management. Our data profiling service provides the foundation for IT Managers to make informed decisions on the optimum way to tier storage to exact requirements. Softsource enables you to achieve major improvements to security, storage, management and sharing of your corporate data.

In a tough economic climate, optimizing your backup and recovery operations is a crucial element for survival. Ongoing data expansion, combined with increased system availability requirements and limited people and hardware resources, has resulted in a greater strain on IT organizations.

A tiered storage solution based on automated archiving reduces the active data connect to a manageable level. The archived content then only needs to be backed up at the same frequency as the archiving business rules. In many organisations this archive policy is set to 90 days. If there was a major system crash, it is now just a matter of restoring the tier 1 active data content (approximately 20% of entire data) from either Tier 2 disk or Tape media. This means the business can process in 20% of the normal time it would take to fully restore a crashed server.

Backup processes that involve disk to disk to tape are proving to be very effective from a RTO / RPO perspective. Softsource has many options for low cost Tier 2 storage to be coupled into backup applications to provide D-D-T backups.

Softsource is able to deliver multi vendor hardware and enterprise backup software solutions.

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