Wireless Networking

Softsource offers a number of Wireless LAN solutions from the world’s leading networking manufacturers to suit your specific business application and environment. 

We have extensive experience in the design and installation of small, medium and large scale enterprise level WLAN solutions for a variety of clients throughout New Zealand.

Our experienced engineers can upgrade and optimise older, existing networks or design and deploy your next generation wireless network.   Additionally, Softsource can provide complete WLAN site monitoring, maintenance and reporting as required by our customers nationwide.

Features & benefits:
  • Enable Workforce Mobility - Mobile workers have the same access to information on the go that they would from behind a desk.
  • Convenience—Simplifies networking of large, open people areas. 
  • Flexibility—Allows work to be done at the most appropriate or convenient place rather than where a cable drop terminates. 
  • Easier to set-up temporary spaces—Promotes quick network setup of meeting rooms, or brainstorming rooms tailored to variations in the number of participants. 
  • Lower cabling costs—Reduces the requirement for contingency cable plant installation because the WLAN can be employed to fill the gaps. 

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